About Kahal B'raira

A workshop about the KB Torah

Kahal B’raira is Greater Boston’s congregation for Humanistic Judaism. We have offered a nontheistic alternative in contemporary Jewish life since 1975.

In Hebrew, Kahal B'raira means "Community of Choice." Our name emphasizes our belief that we are responsible for our choices and answer to one another and ourselves.

Kahal B’raira provides Humanistic Jews with:

  • A congregation that supports the beliefs and commitments of Humanistic Judaism.
  • A place that welcomes all who identify with the history, culture and fate of the Jewish people.
  • A place to celebrate the joyous life cycle events of birth, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and marriage and find support during times of hardship, illness, and loss.
  • Meaningful experiences of culture, celebration, education and community life.

Kahal B’raira is a dynamic, warm, welcoming community including:

We hold Sunday School and adult meetings 15 times per school year.  The adult meetings take place during Sunday School hours and include social time, a Humanistic Jewish service, and an educational program.  See our calendar for specific dates and times.

In June of 2016, our Executive Committee passed a resolution stating: "Kahal B'raira commits to full inclusion of people with disabilities in all our activities and events."  The resolution committed us to train our leaders, volunteers and staff in and about best practices in physical and communication access.  To that end, we have created a checklist of items to review before every event or activity.   

Kahal B’raira, a lay led community, provides opportunities for active member involvement. We are affiliated with the Society for Humanistic Judaism, which extends our reach to a large pool of outside resources.

Our congregation's history begins in 1975.

In this video, some of our long-time members share reasons why they first joined the