Adult Programs

Keren McGinity gives a presentation at KB

Sunday Programs

Our Sunday meetings occur fifteen times throughout the academic year, from 9:10 a.m. until noon, and take place at the same time as Sunday School classes. We begin with singing and a candlelighting/hamotze ceremony with the children. After the children leave for class, members schmooze before a member-led secular service, which typically includes reflection, discussion, celebration, healing and remembrance.  The meeting concludes with a featured presentation on a topic relating to Jewish culture, humanism, history, philosophy, arts, society, politics, or other issues.

Adult Education

Our adult education committee sponsors activities on Judaism and Jewish culture from a humanistic perspective. Examples from previous years include study of the Talmud, history of the Jewish people, and principles of Humanistic Judaism.

Biannually, the congregation hosts a weekend visit of a rabbi from the Society of Humanistic Judaism.  This weekend begins with a Shabbat service and discussion on Friday night, a series of lectures and activities on Saturday followed by a Havdalah service, and a special adult meeting with our guest rabbi on Sunday.

Adult/Teen Potlucks

Potluck dinners, held in members' homes, provide a great opportunity for members to get together in an informal, fun, and lively (and tasty) atmosphere. Held on Saturday nights, we celebrate Havdalah together.