What Our Members Say

Father and young adult daughter

When I came to KB, I immediately knew I was in the right place, for I felt like I had come home—even though I had never had such a home before!
-Bambi G

When I first came to KB I was drawn in by the warmth of the people there as well as what the services say, e.g., "My light is in me.  My hope is in me.  My strength is in me, and, in you."  At times I am so touched by the words and the warmth, I have tears in my eyes.
-Jane E.

Humanistic Judaism offers me a wonderful way to celebrate my Judaism while maintaining my integrity of beliefs.
-Sunny S.

I had been dissatisfied with the synagogue my family belonged to when I was a child.  I didn't believe what I was taught.  When my children were initially enrolled in a Sunday School, I never felt a sense of community.  It was a drop and drive experience.  Even though I occasionally stuck around the library or the little cafe they had organized it never really felt like my spiritual home.

At KB,  I liked that there was programming for adults during the times when Sunday School was in session.  I remember early on, sitting in the back of the room while a discussion was taking place.  Suddenly I felt like these were MY people.

Now, one can remain in the back of the room, or go unnoticed at KB, but it is a place where we are able to actively take a role in creating community and grappling with what it takes to use the culture, history and teachings of our people to live our lives in our world today.
-Jon L.

Growing up in KB I always associated Judaism with a warm, supportive community.  I connected with my classmates in Sunday School and have stayed close with my classmates through the youth group since leaving for college.  I carry this solid foundation of Judaism with me and know I will always be welcomed back.
-Alana E.

KB has enriched my life enormously- in particular the haunting songs we sing during services, the eloquent services that bring tears to my eyes, the intellectually stimulating educational programs, the social action projects, the Middle East Working Group which fosters debate on one of the most important issues of our time, the Israeli/Palestinian question, and other social justice/social action causes we are encouraged to explore.

Most of all, it is the KB members themselves who welcomed this newcomer with open arms.  KB has a big tent and no one need flash their "Jewish Credentials" to gain admission.
Simply the desire to join and holding our shared beliefs are enough.
-Ruth S.

The services have meaning for me. I appreciate their being carefully crafted by a committee, which reviews and revises them, and also the volunteers who lead them. Even though there are basic services for regular and/holiday services, I always find some phrase or thought that I have read before, yet now really resonates for me. I even find myself mentioning them to my friends. I also appreciate the additional events now available for social activity or service to the larger community of our area. I can also highly recommend the opportunities to attend Humanistic Jewish meetings and conventions in the U.S. and abroad.
-Elgie G.

KB has been a very special warm and embracing home for me and my whole family - a place where what's most meaningful to me about Judaism, our history, traditions, culture, and passion for social justice, has been celebrated. For me, KB continues to be a home and an adopted family of warm loving friends.
-Stan E

I’ve always felt lucky to belong to a community like KB. It’s a unique place where everyone can come with their own beliefs, opinions, and experiences can feel at home.  I’ll always feel at home at KB and know that there’s always a place for me.
-Nina E.

I know I can count on two outings to Fenway every year.  So it is written.
-Jerry R.